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Latitude 41 Lagoon 400 Catamaran

Boat Inspection Checklist


  • Check hull for evidence of either damage or repairs

  • Check boat for a “list” (if boat is in-water)

  • Check bottom for fiberglass “blisters” (if out of water)

  • Check propeller shaft for wobble or rattle (cutless bearing if out of water)

  • Check propeller condition (if out of water)

  • Check operation of accessories (compass, electronics)

  • Check navigation lights

  • Check fenders, lines


  • Check deck for cracks, wear and ‘sponginess’

  • Check hatches and ports for sign of leaking or deterioration

  • Check lifeline stanchions, railings, and bases

  • Check anchors, chain and windlass

  • Check condition of canvas, bimini, dodger, hardware


  • Check external condition of engine (corrosion, leaks)

  • Request maintenance log (oil change frequency etc)

  • Check condition of steering system

  • Check bilge for oil

Rigging & Sails:

  • Check mast, step, shrouds, stays, terminal fittings

  • Check running rigging

  • Check number, weight, condition of sails

  • Check operation of winches


  • Check for odors, stains, general cleanliness,varnish

  • Check seacocks, valves, emergency plugs

  • Check for excess water in bilge

  • Check bilge pumps (electric, manual), alarms

  • Check seals on opening ports and hatches

  • Check under deck hardware for signs of leaks

  • Check condition of upholstery, furniture

  • Check plumbing (leaks)

  • Check mandatory equipment (holding tank/extinguishers)

  • Check electrical panel, battery terminals, wiring (neat, labels)

  • Check shorepower plug, cords

  • Check stove/heater, tanks, fittings, shutoffs, detectors, and appliances

  • Check other Check the  heater and air conditioner

  • Check safety equipment

Catamarans  for sale in the Carribbean can be tricky. Roni will take you on a cruise and guide you through the buying process before you make a 20% deposit,  pay for expensive  flights and a SEA TRIAL. Roni is a licensed Captain and is certified to teach sailing. He also received training in boat inspection. Just ask him if there is a part of the boat he has not changed, replaced or repaired...

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